About Us

As Persona Furniture, we provide services at home and abroad with the principle of "meeting people´s needs in the best way with our unique designs".

Our main goal is to turn environmentally friendly and special concept products into a special series, which we produce using the highest quality raw materials, and offer them to the service of our customers who value themselves and their offices.

As Persona Furniture, we see offices as living spaces and design and produce concepts and products accordingly. Persona, which means personnel in Spanish, took the name of the institution inspired by the value it gives to its personnel. We combine aesthetics, performance, and quality in our wide product range that we design based on individual and teamwork. We always work harder to adapt to changing markets and customer needs. We always take our products further by using developing technology. We are always ready to communicate with you, our valued customers, to design inspiring offices. We listen to your thoughts and value them. As the Persona family, we overcome these tasks. We advance all our processes meticulously in order to produce our products on time and with high quality. We use environmentally friendly materials to produce furniture and encourage a sustainable life.

Special Concept Series

Persona Furniture

We offer better quality service to our customers by constantly improving our designs and renewing ourselves with the feedback we receive. We consider the manager, employee, and guest as a whole and design and produce our furniture accordingly. Our concept series always attracts attention with its modern, comfortable, and stylish appearance, and we appeal to every audience thanks to our wide product range. We carefully produce our furniture, which you can use with peace of mind for years thanks to its durability, and we do not neglect to be environmentally friendly while producing.

Persona Mobilya Ltd. Şti.
Persona Mobilya Ltd. Şti.